The Lee Farm Experience
Situated on the foothills of the Beaufort Mountains located in the picturesque Alberni Valley of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the Lee Farm has been our home for twenty years.

We are a small, bio-diverse, family farm, specializing in quality, naturally raised vegetables, meat chickens, laying hens and heritage beef. We do not use  pesticides,  added hormones for growth, or antibiotics for prevention of illness. We do use compost, compost, compost for our gardens and good husbandry to prevent illness with our livestock.

We are part of the "wheelbarrow" crowd preferring manual labour instead a lot of gas driven machinery. This practice allows us to leave a much smaller footprint on the environment around us than is otherwise possible. This also means that we sleep well at the end of each day.

We are not entirely without machinery however, as we do have an ancient tractor that is at least as old as myself and probably just as cantankerous. The good thing about old tractors is that one can fix them with just a few nuts and bolts and sometimes baling wire which is not something one can say for the fancy new tractors. Which brings us back to the wheel barrow, sometimes the barrow is just so much simpler!

We raise a small herd of registered Dexter Cattle. A heritage breed from Ireland bred specifically for small land owners. They are the smallest, naturally occurring breed of cattle in the world and have a wonderful, calm and gentle disposition. They are predominantly black however, red and dun are also acceptable colourations allowed.

Dexters are a dual purpose breed with a high butter fat content in their milk and a tender and well marbled texture to the meat. Dexters are one of the few breeds that will "marble" on grass as opposed to other breeds that require grain to add the tenderizing ribbons of fat throughout the meat. The meat is a deep red with a fine grain texture and a fabulous flavour.

We raise our meat birds from day old chicks until they are seven to eight weeks of age. This provides us with a large roasting chicken that is tender, succulent and fat free.
We use no antibiotics while raising them and instead make sure that they are always in a clean and fresh air environment. Extra care taken with their environment ensures a bird that is not stressed by either over-crowding or unclean bedding and the bird has continual access to fresh water and feed that is vegetable based with no animal by-products.

Our lay hens have the run of the farm, with the exception of the vegetable garden and the greenhouses. They spend their days eating grasses, bugs, slugs, fallen fruit and berries and all the other things that hens love to cluck about and we prefer not to think about. For their part they lay the most flavourful, large brown eggs imaginable with lovely dark yellow yolks. New customers are always amazed to realize that eggs really do have a flavour and that they should be rich and creamy in texture. Such a difference from eggs found in stores.

Saturday mornings, year round, you can find us at the Farmers' Market. Situated at the foot of Argyle Street, Market Square is an integral part of  Port Alberni's Harbour Quay and Saturday Market Day is a community event. Friends and neighbours, old acquaintances and new, young and old all find thier way to the market to purchase fresh produce and to meet and greet. The Market operates outdoors year round and is the only Farmers' Market on Vancouver Island to so.

So, grab your shopping bags and head down to the Market on Saturday morning and we shall see you there.


Above you can see the autumn splendor that surrounds our little farm and below you can see one of our terrific broccoli.


Below are our wonderful Dexter cows enjoying the fresh spring grass.

The Lee Farm
7900 Mountain Ranch Road
Port Alberni, B.C.
V9Y 8M4

7900 Mountain Ranch Road

Port Alberni, B.C.

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